Alabama Barker Flips Off Trolls After TikTok Ban

It won’t be long before Kourtney Kardashian is formally Alabama Barker’s stepmom. They are already close.

Until then, apparently a lot of trolls on social media have decided to fill the role of being her stepmother. Her wicked stepmother.

These malcontents bombarded her with shaming comments for acting too “grown up,” getting her banned from TikTok.

Alabama is clapping back, showing her haters exactly what she thinks of them.

15-year-old Alabama Barker took to her Instagram Stories this week to mock her detractors.

Her flowing blonde hair contrasted powerfully with the black strappy halter outfit 

One cannot help but notice that Alabama is raising one manicured finger to flip off the camera — and, presumably, all haters.

The context?

Alabama has been bombarded with outrageous hate from people who accuse her of “acting too grown-up.”

The internet is populated by people, and people just love to hate women — especially girls who are just living their lives.

The weird backlash against Alabama (who is, again, 15 years old) is sadly more than just garden variety cyberbullying.

A campaign of mass reporting got her TikTok account banned just days ago.

The reason was “violating community guidelines,” an eternally vague claim on TikTok, an app notorious for over-the-top censureship of anything and everything.

Apparently, what really set off the army of hellclowns was a video of Alabama dancing “inappropriately” around her dad.

She was wearing jeans and an open leather jacket with a black bra underneath.

Her brother was also in the video, the 18-year-old dancing beside his sister while Travis chilled out in the background.

Apparently, we can add “dancing in your home in proximity to your family” to the list of things that cause people to flip out.

People called it a “cry for help” and declared that Alabama is a “child” and accused Travis of failing as a parent.

While Alabama’s family and social status make her clearly no ordinary person, dancing and wearing makeup and trying out different outfits is very normal teenage behavior.

If Alabama had been out clubbing or had been dancing like this and filming it in some friend’s basement, hey, maybe they’d have a point.

(The clubbing would be worrisome due to her age; the basement dancing around age-appropriate friends would be fine but doesn’t need to be filmed)

If a teenager can’t film themselves dancing around their literal family at home … what exactly are they allowed to do by these standards?

Another way that this could have been inappropriate would have been if Travis had been posting Alabama’s dancing.

Why? Because he has a different social media audience, and doesn’t need to thrust his daughter into that world.

But Alabama was perfectly safe, doing age-appropriate things, and sharing it on her own account on an age-appropriate app. Trolls are so weird.

Unfortunately, Alabama is receiving a lot of extra attention right now — more than is necessarily healthy.

Travis’ whirlwind romance with Kourtney became an engagement, and all eyes are on this as it unfolds.

People cannot be normal about teenagers, women, or the Kardashians, putting Alabama in a very unfair situation.

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