Amanda Holden calls Simon Cowell ’annoying’ for doing THIS on BGT

The Britain’s Got Talent panel usually seem to have a ball together on the show but Amanda Holden has been left seriously annoyed by Simon Cowell’s recent actions…

Following Saturday night’s show, Amanda shared a clip with Instagram fans in which she revealed that Simon had just pressed his Golden Buzzer, meaning that particular act were sent straight through to the live semi-finals.

However, she’s a bit irked by the fact that Simon might have possibly picked the winner…

‘It’s very exciting, Simon just pressed his Golden Buzzer!’ Amanda, 47, tells the camera in the video.

Simon, 58, then says: ‘I just pressed it and they’re gonna win.’

‘I think… do you know what?’ Amanda responds. ‘I think they might. It’s annoying!’

Whoops, sorry Amanda!

The act in question is father-son duo Tim Goodacre and his 12-year-old boy Jack, who performed an original song together called The Lucky Ones.

‘It’s about how lucky we are to have what we have,’ Jack explained ahead of the song.

The acoustic tune wowed both the panel and studio audience and Simon was quick to press his Golden Buzzer before anyone could even give them a critique.

Simon praised the song for being ‘fantastic’ and admitted that it reminded him of his relationship with four-year-old son Eric.

Meanwhile Amanda clearly had a soft spot for the duo too and emotionally confessed she was ‘a mess’ throughout the performance.

The audition must have been a hit with viewers at home too as Amanda revealed in her Instagram post that the show had brought in a huge audience.

‘@bgt had its biggest #audience this year (so far) last night. #thankyou for watching,’ the mum-of-two captioned the clip.

Meanwhile fans filled the comments with praise for Tim and Jack, which will probably make Amanda even more annoyed that Simon beat her to the Golden Buzzer.

‘So much talent this year and but father and son where amazing!!’ one said, whilst another wrote: ‘I thought you was going to press it Amanda as you were crying! Well deserved’

Still, we can’t wait to see who Amanda presses her Golden Buzzer for!

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