‘American Idol’s Cade Foehner Releases His 1st Sexy Single & Fans Are Going Wild — Is It About Gabby?

‘American Idol’s Cade Foehner excitingly released his new single, ‘Breathe Out’ on May 22 and it’s just as amazing as we thought it would be. Find out what it’s about here!

American Idol’s Cade Foehner, 21, made his fans extremely happy when he released his incredible first single, “Breathe Out” on May 22 and it’s definitely an indication of many good things to come. The young talent proved he has what it takes to have a successful rock career with the new tune and it’s full of everything we loved about Cabe during his time on Idol! With catchy lyrics like, “Whatcha gonna do when they don’t stop stopping? Whatcha gonna do when they don’t stop coming? Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out,” we’re already singing along and loving it. Cade’s fans are also going crazy for the song and expressing their love all over social media!

Although the song sounds like it has what it takes to become a hit, there’s no indication on the meaning behind the lyrics just yet. Many fans may have been hoping Cade’s first single would be about his girlfriend and fellow AI contestant, Gabby Barrett, 18, but we may just have to wait for another single or possibly a full-length album from Cade for that song and we can’t wait! Gabby also released her first single, “Rivers Deep” this week and it’s just as amazing as Cade’s but with a true Gabby style of course!

Cade and Gabby’s songs reflect why they made it so far in the American Idol competition this season. With talent and charisma like theirs, it’s no surprise they would win America’s hearts! Despite not winning the overall crown, Cade and Gabby will be going out on the Idol tour soon so they’ll be able to do what they do best in cities all across the country! With a lot of love and fantastic music, there’s so much to look forward to with these two and the rest of the American Idol singers!

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