Angelina Jolie went to Spelman’s Homecoming weekend with Zahara

It’s been incredible to watch – from a distance – how Angelina Jolie has handled her children leaving home for college. A couple of years ago, Maddox left home to attend a South Korean university, and you could just tell that Jolie had been crying a lot, but she was so proud. Currently, Jolie is looking for any excuse to visit Atlanta to see her daughter Zahara. Zahara is in her first year at Spelman College, an HBCU. This past weekend was the “Spelhouse” (Spelman and Moorehouse) Homecoming. I would assume Zahara invited her mom and it wasn’t like Angelina just showed up to party. No, Jolie is very respectful of Zahara and the world Zahara is creating for herself in Atlanta.

Just like for Zahara’s freshman week, Angelina just kept it low-key. She was walking around with no security, talking to other parents and students and enjoying herself. People seemed so thrilled to see her around too. Angelina and Zahara were also holding up Stacey Abrams signs at one point, which is very cool. Zahara won’t turn 18 until January, which means she won’t be able to vote this year in the midterms. I wonder if she’s volunteering at some of the local campaign offices?

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(I was doing community service looking an embarrassing mess)

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