Anya Taylor Joy in Dior at the 2021 Emmys: one of the best looks of the night?

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Anya Taylor-Joy modeled for years before she made it as an actress, and she also has a natural theatricality which is great for red carpets. Meaning, she knows how to wear clothes, she knows how to make a big fashion impact, and she likes being the star of the red carpet. So it was at the Emmys, where Anya was nominated for The Queen’s Gambit. She lost the Emmy but won the red carpet in this Dior.

If I’m being honest, I think the Dior could actually be a lot better. The fit seems “off,” especially in the bust. I don’t like the darting around her boobs. And I wish the dress had been that electric banana color as opposed to the wrap/cape. The dress is too flesh-toned for Anya’s pale skin. But other than that, yeah… easily one of the best dressed of the Emmys.

While Anya didn’t win, The Queen’s Gambit’s writer/director Scott Frank did win. Frank has been in and around the industry for more than 30 years, and he decided to make a giant ass out of himself when he won the Emmy for Best Directing. His speech was so long and so tedious, and everyone was mocking him and his privilege on social media. I can’t believe he stood there and refused to wrap it up in a timely fashion.

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