Ariana Grande Says ‘thank u’ In Fan Appreciation Post

Ariana Grande has had quite the year in music and she’s now taking a moment to thank fans for their support.

The 26-year-old singer, who has released an album and two more additional songs so far this year, expressed her gratitude in a thank you note to all those who support her and her friends.

“real protective wit my soul where ….. u been ☁️?✨ got to drop so much music i love this year with so many people i love and that was made with so much love. i’m a grateful grateful girl. thank u all for listening and for supporting me and my friends. what a special year it’s been,” Ariana wrote on Instagram.

“stepping back to appreciate and to say thank u. we get so wrapped up in our other sh-t / in schedules and work etc that we forget to do that sometimes but …. thank uuuuu. ✨? ☺️ instead of focusing on what could be better or what is currently making you anxious, say thank u for what u already have. what u put your energy into expands. spend it wisely. ?” she added.

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