Armie Hammer’s Ex Paige Lorenze Seemingly Talks About Their Relationship in Tearful YouTube Video

Paige Lorenze, an Instagram model who had a brief relationship with Armie Hammer last year, is seemingly talking about their time together in a tearful new video that she posted on YouTube.

In the video, Paige opened up to her followers about why she’s moving out of Los Angeles and she also discussed why she went there in the first place.

Paige had just ended a serious relationship and decided to move to Los Angeles, where she started seeing a new guy. People believe she’s talking about Armie and clips from the video were also shared by Instagram user @houseofeffie, who was the woman who came forward with the alleged DMs.

“I ended up showing up and instantly got into a relationship with someone because I was super vulnerable, super heartbroken, and I just wanted someone to distract me. I ended seeing someone and it was the strangest… and that’s a whole other thing that I don’t want to talk about right now. This is really hard to talk about,” Paige said before choking up. “The whole thing is honestly like really hard for me to talk about. I was just really not in a good place. And I allowed a lot of things to happen that I wasn’t okay with and numbed myself. L.A. was not a good experience for me.”

Paige also said that the relationship she had in L.A., possibly referring to her time with Armie, is part of the reason why she’s leaving town.

“The experience I had in the relationship that I had here probably affected my experience in L.A. negatively, but there were also a lot of other things I didn’t like about L.A.,” she said in the video.

Armie has been in the middle of a controversy for the past week after his alleged DMs were leaked online and they alleged messages included some disturbing messages.

One day after the tweets went viral, Paige seemingly referenced what was happened on Twitter.

Armie and Paige were spotted together back in early December. Based on her Instagram, it appears that she moved to L.A. in September 2020.

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