Ashley Cain's GF Safiyya Vorajee Struggles To ‘Get Out Of Bed In The Morning’ Following Daughter Azaylia’s Death

Safiyya Vorajee is opening up about her grief in a deeply honest Instagram Story. It’s been nearly a week since her beloved 8-month-old daughter Azaylia Cain passed away from a rare type of leukemia on Saturday. After months of fighting for medical care for their child, Safiyya and her partner Ashley Cain are no doubt struggling to reclaim some sense of normalcy without their firstborn, and the momma isn’t afraid to talk about this unique form of pain with her loyal following.

Reflecting on the heartbreaking loss, Vorajee posted a photo on Friday, longingly looking off-screen with glassy eyes (below), writing:

“Trying to get myself out of bed in the morning has never felt so hard. The pain that hits me when my eyes open is unbearable, I just want this all to have been a dream. I miss you Azaylia.”

In a second upload, the 35-year-old reposted some of her final photos cuddling the cancer patient (inset above), noting:

“1 week ago this was all happening. You are so incredible Azaylia, you have changed my life. Honestly I feel so proud of you, I am lost without you but I know you’re with me close all the time.”

On Tuesday, the beautician previously shared how mornings are the toughest for her these days, adding:

“Morning time not seeing your beautiful smile hurts so deep inside, Azaylia your beautiful so pure, I miss you so so much words fail to explain the heartache. I  am so proud of you, everyday I will carry you with me in my heart, I no your looking down on me, & all the lessons you’ve taught me I will keep that with me forever. Thankyou for everything baby girl x x x.

We simply cannot imagine the pain this family is feeling. The loss of anyone is always significant, but to see a child taken so soon… It’s hard to grasp, but we hope the family’s vulnerability online helps other families mourn similar losses.

In an effort to always honor their daughter moving forward, the parents took a moment to light a candle for Azaylia at a Chapel of Rest on Thursday. The Challenge alum shared to his socials:

“Tonight we lit a candle in the Chapel of Rest to join others in lighting up the world in honour of my beautiful daughter Azaylia.”

The candle sat between two Lion King stuffed animals of Simba and Nala, one of which was even monogrammed with the baby’s initial (below). How sweet…

The couple announced the tragic passing of Azaylia on Sunday, after having documented her health journey over the last few months for friends and fans on IG. They had recently raised £1.5 million to fund a trip to Singapore for a life-saving transplant, but unfortunately Azaylia’s condition worsened before the trip was possible.

When doctors found numerous tumors throughout her body, it was decided that chemotherapy and other treatments were no longer effective. The child was taken home to live out her last days in the comfort of loved ones. Since her death, fans have continued to donate to the family’s GoFundMe page, which now surpasses £1.6 million. So generous!

The Cain family are in our thoughts always as they work through this heavy grief. Azaylia left a huge impact on every life she touched…

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