Ashley Martson: I’m Getting My Jay Tattoo REMOVED!

On September 19 of 2020, Ashley Martson broke up with Jay Smith for the fourth time.

Fans hope that this divorce attempt will be successful, and that the exes will never have to break up again.

Ashley is showing 90 Day Fiance fans that, this time, she’s serious about making Jay nothing but a bad memory.

She is removing her tattoo of him … and giving fans a look at the process.

Though they spent many months of it apart as Ashley begged Jay to sign divorce papers and he refused, their marriage lasted over three years.

Jay’s real name is Conroy St. Christopher Smith, and his passion in life is tattoo artistry.

As such, Ashley had a finger tattoo in tribute to Jay … a permanent mark on her skin that she has obviously come to regret.

Just days ago, Ashley shared this image to her Instagram Stories to update fans on her divorce journey.

You can see the “C Smith” tattoo at the beginning of this image.

After, you can see how much of it is already gone.

Ashley and Jay’s romance started pretty normally.

Ashley just happened to be in Jamaica at the time when she saw a tall, handsome man dancing at a club.

They hit it off right away. It wasn’t until they were already preparing to get married that she learned that Jay was college aged, about a dozen years her junior.

Despite learning of the age gap, Ashley was already in love with Jay.

The two were married after airing their journey on 90 Day Fiance.

Unfortunately, this is where the trouble began.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Stage a Fake "Wedding"

As Ashley revealed on the Tell All special, three days after their wedding, she caught Jay cheating on her by video chatting with a younger woman.

She later disclosed that the woman in question was an 18-year-old girl — a high school student — whom Jay had met on Tinder.

He had downloaded the dating app immediately after the two tied the knot. For whatever reason, Ashley did not dump him then and there.

In early January of 2019, Ashley discovered that Jay had cheated on her — this time, physically.

He and a random young woman had hooked up in the bathroom of a barbershop where Jay liked to hang out.

Ashley saw evidence of the hookup and tried to get a divorce. Jay balked, refusing to sign the papers. Eleven days later, he convinced her to withdraw the filing.

To the surprise of no one, Jay was found just a few months later to have cheated again.

This time, he had kept a mistress for weeks.

Ashley wanted him out of her house. This time, their separation lasted for months.

Somehow, the two secretly reconnected late in the summer of 2019 after Jay parted ways with his former mistress, Kayla.

Ashley and Jay kept their rekindled romance under wraps until, you guessed it, Jay cheated again.

Ashley announced that they had broken up again after one of Jay’s side pieces claimed to have become pregnant by him. Still, he refused to grant her a divorce.

In March of 2020, Ashley and Jay once again reunited for what would prove to be the longest stretch of their marriage.

Their inexplicable reconciliation raised eyebrows and shocked fans, but it ended the only way that it could — with Jay once again cheating.

They broke up in September of 2020. As we said, fans hope that it will be their final breakup … and that Jay can be bothered to sign the divorce paperwork this time.

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