‘Basketball Wives LA’ Star Jennifer Williams On Tim Norman, ‘ I Did See Red Flags’

‘BBWLA’ star Jennifer Williams opened up about her ex, Tim Norman, who she claimed has been stalking her.

Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives LA opens up about the turbulent relationship she’s had with her ex-boyfriend, Tim Norman. Norman also stars in his own reality television show called Welcome To Sweetie’s.

Earlier this year, Williams filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Tim Norman, after she accused him of stalking and harassing her. The Basketball Wives stars’ restraining order arrived 13 hours after the news hit that Tim Norman filed a restraining order against her for trying to run him over in her car and slashing his tires!

During her relationship, Williams said that she was in a vulnerable place and was looking for companionship after her mother passed away, according to Life & Style Magazine.

“He really appeared to be a gentleman. I did see red flags, but I thought I could fix that. B****, no you can’t. I ended it. Three months later, I see him on my street. Now I have to face him in court so I can get a restraining order against him.”

On Instagram, Jennifer posted an update on her feud with Norman. In the caption of her post, Williams pleaded with Norman to “please leave me alone and stop fabricating lies.”

Tim Norman reported Jennifer Williams to the Los Angeles police department after he alleged that he spotted Williams tailgating him as he drove around, according to TMZ. Later on in the evening, Norman said he found his tires slashed.

I’m dealing with a real life psycho that I have not seen in 3 months! I don’t know if he is trying to boost ratings for his show or what his agenda is. Imagine me slashing tires. Imagine Tim moving quickly. Please leave me alone and stop fabricating lies.. ✌????

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Tons of BBWLA fans were surprised by Norman’s accusations, as the aggressive behavior that was described in the report had never been displayed by Jennifer on the hit VH1 show. However, Tim Norman claimed that there have been other instances of violence by his ex. Tim also claimed that the “No Bricks” singer broke into his house and sent him several “harassing” text messages.

Jennifer Williams also accused Tim Norman of harassment and claimed that he leaked stolen information from her cell phone in an attempt to publicly humiliate her, according to TMZ.

Williams then reported that she is fearful for the safety of her dog, Gia, in addition to her own safety.

Tim Norman was promptly granted a restraining order against Jennifer and she was ordered to stay 100 yards away from him. Norman posted Williams’ report on Instagram and made sure to note inconsistencies in Jennifer’s filing.

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Norman pointed out that his name did not appear on the document that Williams presented to the public. Norman also highlighted the fact that Williams’ claims were filed “13 hrs AFTER the restraining order was placed on her and almost 33 hrs after [the] incident.”

Norman questioned why the former Basketball Wives LA star had “made no calls to Police or any notice of ‘stalking’ till [SIC] AFTER she found out a restraining order was placed on her.”

The Welcome To Sweetie Pie star said all he had to do to get a restraining order was present the Los Angeles police department with emails, threats, and hate that has been directed his way from Jennifer.

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“Judge issued a restraining order immediately. Why isn’t there one on me?? I’m NOT PRESSING CHARGES! I just want distance.”

Jennifer Williams and Tim Norman called off their short romance in September. Tim has moved on and found love with Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks, according to the Daily Mail.

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This season of Basketball Wives, Jennifer hangs on Evelyn Lozada. Lozada is familiar with being in an abusive relationship. Evelyn was even a witness in Jennifer’s, indicating that Jennifer called her in December 2017 and to tell her that she was afraid of Norman because due to his “violent” behavior.

The judge granted Jennifer a temporary restraining order in January 2018. In the more recent months, Williams has been vying to get a permanent restraining order, according to TMZ.

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