Bella Hadid Looks Hot In Thong Bikini, While Frolicking In Miami With Hailey Baldwin

Bella Hadid put on a steamy poolside show with Hailey Baldwin while wearing a nude-colored thong bikini.

Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid put on a steamy and provocative poolside show for any lurking paparazzi while enjoying the day soaking up the sun together in Miami.

Bella was enjoying the warm Miami sunshine in her gorgeous skin-toned thong bikini, while Hailey opted for a combination of sporty and sexy with a navy blue bandeau and silver-colored running shorts.

While Bella was working on her full-chest tan in her nude-colored bikini, Baldwin decided to walk over to her friend for a little playful fun. Hailey hovered over Bella for a few moments before straddling her waist and situating herself in a sexy manner on top of her friend’s lap.

According to Daily Mail, Hailey’s hair still appeared to be a little wet after a recent swim in the pool. The two maintained this sexy, playful, and provocative pose for several minutes before making their way to the docks to enjoy a little speed boating with their friend, Justine Skye.

Hailey wasn’t shy about flashing her gorgeous abs as she hopped onto the watercraft. Bella offered a teasing glimpse at the top of her peach-colored thong bikini bottom thanks to her low-hanging unbuttoned white shorts as she settled on the speedboat. Justine, on the other hand, was dressed more for comfort than for sexy teasing, sporting a tie-dyed shirt.

Bella was spotted carrying a collection of disposable cups, indicating the girls were prepared to party aboard the watercraft.

Once the three lovely ladies settled onto the speedboat with all the essentials, Bella ditched the white shorts showing off nearly all of her plump and perfect backside in her tiny nude-colored thong.

ready for summer ????

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Once Hadid realized she had an audience, she flaunted her gorgeous backside in a few sexy poses for the lurking paparazzi as their speedboat took off into the distance. Hailey even decided to pull out her phone to snap a photo of her own.

The ????. ❤️

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Before Hailey and Bella teased the paparazzi with their sexy poolside show, they were spotted enjoying a little shopping. At the time, Hadid wore a tiny white tee, minus a bra, accompanied by wide-legged denim bottoms. Hailey was close by wearing a slightly larger white tee with tiny denim shorts showing off her gorgeous legs. Justine was seen shopping with the duo in the same tie-dyed shirt she wore when they went speed boating together.

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