Bella Hadid Restricts Her Access to Social Media to Practice Self-Care

The Victoria’s Secret model reveals she always gives herself 30 minutes where she isn’t allowed to check her phone in the morning, adding that it gives her time to ‘just lay there and breathe.’

Bella Hadid restricts her access to social media in the morning so it doesn’t “throw” out her day.

The American model has risen to fame since launching her fashion career in 2014, landing campaigns for many major brands, including Bulgari, DKNY and Dior Beauty.

While Bella often shares updates with her 18 million followers on Instagram, she has now revealed that she avoids looking at her phone when she can as part of her decision to commit to practicing self-care.

“When I wake up, I give myself 30 minutes where I’m not allowed to check my phone,” she told “For a while, it would be the first thing I’d check in the morning and it would completely throw my mind off target, especially when the first thing I would read would be either something somebody I don’t know said about me or something that could possibly hurt my feelings. Having that half an hour in the morning gives me time for myself to just lay there and breathe”.

Bella’s busy career sees her jet setting to a range of locales, with the model recently stepping out for a number of events held as part of the Cannes Film Festival.

But when their schedules allow, the brunette beauty likes nothing more than hanging out with her older sister Gigi Hadid at home.

“When Gigi and I are together, we just sit and watch cartoons and order loads of takeaway,” the 21-year-old smiled. “It’s hard for Gigi because there are always so many people outside her apartment so we like to play cards, or make ceramics and paint pottery, then wait until it’s a bit calmer and run down the street. I was always into music and she was into art, so I’ll sit and watch TV while she draws something artistic”.

During the interview, Bella also shared that she tries her best to spend time with her parents, former model Yolanda Hadid and real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid. In fact, the star thinks the “best time of her life” was when she was in her mother’s womb.

“Just being in my mom’s belly was really awesome. I didn’t have to live alone or pay my bills and it was nice and warm in there!” she joked.

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