#BellaHadid Stalker Refuses A No-Jail Plea Deal

Perez left Hadid a disturbing message and showed up at her home.

Brian Perez, a man from the Bronx accused of stalking model Bella Hadid, turned down a plea offer that would give him no jail time in anticipation that the case will be dismissed. Perez, 37, had a hearing in Manhattan Criminal Court, and prosecutors offered him a jail-free deal if he admitted to stalking 21-year-old model Bella Hadid. It would also give Hadid a final order of protection and compel Perez to stay away.

Perez Left Bella Hadid A Threatening Message On Instagram

The New York Daily News reported that Brian Perez’s lawyer, Jamie Singer, believes that her client has a strong dismissal motion pending. Back in February, Perez left Bella Hadid a threatening video message on Instagram warning her he would visit her home, and then he showed up at her building.

“You want me to come? I’m going to come there now. Please don’t make me come all the way down there and then there’s a situation with your security or something.”

Perez showed up at Hadid’s apartment and just before midnight, he yelled her name as she ran into her apartment, according to the complaint. The next day Perez left Hadid another message.

“You know you could have gotten me in trouble yesterday.”

Brian Perez was released on his own recognizance after his arrest.

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PageSix says that Brian Perez of Fordham Manor was arrested loitering outside of Bella Hadid’s Tribeca apartment after sending her a message on Instagram. Bella Hadid said that Perez had been sending messages to her family and herself, and had appeared outside of her apartment several times over a two month period.

Bella Hadid’s security followed Perez after calling the police and trailed him several blocks onto East Houston where he was handcuffed and taken into police custody.

Perez Has Been Arrested Prior To The Alleged Bella Hadid Stalking

Family members of Brian Perez were surprised to hear of his arrest on stalking charges. In the past, Perez has been arrested at least 12 times in the past on charges including, selling drugs, driving drunk, and criminal mischief.


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Bella Hadid Was Awarded A Temporary Restraining Order

Bella Hadid was given a temporary order of protection, which prosecutors were hoping to make final if Perez had accepted the plea deal, reports PageSix. For the time, Perez is not allowed to contact Bella Hadid or her family members online or in person, and he must stay away from her residence.

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