Bernie Sanders Wants to Move Joe Biden in ‘More Progressive Direction’ to Defeat Donald Trump (Video)

Bernie Sanders might be out of the race, but his fight isn’t over.

After dropping out of the Democratic presidential race, the 78-year-old senator appeared on The Late Show on Wednesday (April 8) for an interview with Stephen Colbert.

During his interview, Bernie had supportive words for Joe Biden, who will now most likely be the Democratic nominee in the Presidential Race.

“It’s no great secret that Joe Biden’s politics are different than mine, but I have known Joe since I came to the Senate in 2006, worked with him when he was vice president in the Obama administration,” Bernie said. “And what I would say to people is that Joe is a very decent human being. I know his wife Jill, as well, as a wonderful person.”

Bernie then went on to say that he will be there to support Biden in his fight to defeat President Trump.

“And I hope to be able to work with Joe to move him in a more progressive direction,” Bernie continued. “And I think Joe is a good politician and he understands that in order to defeat the president, in order to defeat Trump, he’s going to have to bring new people into his political world, and that he’s going to have to listen to their needs. Young people, working people. And maybe start moving in a different direction to some degree than he has in the past.”

Stephen then asked if this means that Bernie is officially endorsing Biden for President, but Bernie turned the direction of the conversation into why he decided to run in the first place: to get Trump out of the White House.

“We’re going to be talking to Joe, and we are, and we’re talking to his team of advisers,” Bernie added. “But what I have said, I can tell you this, Stephen, what I said from the first day that I announced my intention to run for president, I will do everything that I can to make sure that Donald Trump is not re-elected.”

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