Beyonce Fans Freak Out After Realizing They Can See Her Eyes Through Slit Of Hat During Concert

Beyonce fans couldn’t stop obsessing over one of her tour outfits when they figured out they could see her eyes through a slit in a large hat that she wore low on her head. Check out their hilarious reactions here!

Beyonce‘s been wearing some pretty extravagant outfits for her On the Run II tour but there’s one in particular that caught the extra attention of fans and it’s all because she’s basically playing peek-a-boo through a hat! The now highly publicized leopard print bodysuit includes a large matching hat, which is positioned down on Bey’s head some of the time, and through a slit, you can totally see Bey’s eyes! The eye reveal wasn’t noticed at first because of the darkness of the slit but now that it has been, it’s definitely caused an uproar of extra funny reactions!

“The funniest thing shaderoom post in a while is this scary movie Beyoncé pic cause it scared the sh*t out of me too when I saw her eyes,” one follower posted in response to the Beyonce eye-reveal photo The Shade Room posted. “I couldn’t even figure out if I was looking at her from the front or back. This outfit is ummm….different. #GagaIsh,” another said. “Wow. Took me a few looks to get it,” one fan also admitted. In addition to the wild hat, the outfit is made to make viewers do a double take since it gives the illusion that Beyonce’s frontside is her backside. This is something, of course, only Queen B could do!

The funny reactions kept going and some even gave reasoning for Bey’s elaborate hat. “Baby girl had to see,” one follower hilariously pointed out. Others couldn’t stop laughing over the eye observation and some thought it was Bey’s attempt at trying to look scary. “This is scary looking,” one post said. “That’s creepy AF,” another agreed. From a simple slit in a hat, Beyonce’s managed to keep everyone talking which is a reminder of why she’s so successful! This girl knows how to entertain and keem ’em guessing!

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Although Beyonce has many other amazing outfits she wears on tour, we have to say that this one takes the cake for creativity! We can’t wait to see what other tricks she has up her sleeve in the form of outfits and other things in the future!

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