Beyonce Fans Freak On Twitter With Epic Memes After Singer Skips 2018 Met Gala — See Tweets

Beyonce decided to skip the 2018 Met Gala & her fans were not happy about it! Check out the Beyhive’s most disappointed reactions to her absence here!

Beyonce, 36, skipped out on attending the 2018 Met Gala, and to say her fans were shook and devastated would be an understatement. The angry and upset memes and tweets did not stop coming! One Twitter user despaired, “IF BEYONCÉ DOESN’T SHOW UP ON THE MET GALA BECAUSE OF JAY Z I’LL HATE HIM FOREVER” Guess that fan better get ready for a lifetime of pure Jay-Z hatred, because Queen Bey did not show up.

Another fan wrote, “So you mean to tell me that Jay convinced Beyoncé to skip the Met Gala after all these years on the ONE theme that would literally be perfect for her?” To be fair, Beyonce has already slayed this theme many times in the past, so maybe she deserved to take a pass on attending this one. While you mourn her absence from fashion’s greatest night, check out some more hilarious tweets and memes below!

For instance, another Twitter user hilariously posted pictures of an empty carpet, and captioned the photos, writing, “Beyoncé arriving as the Holy Ghost. Stunniiiiiiiiiiiiiing!” We reported earlier how Jay-Z managed to whisk Beyonce away on a surprise vacation so that she could take a breather before going on the road. “JAY-Z surprised her with a trip because he felt she needed to relax before her tour,” a source tells While that is such a sweet move on Jay’s part, needless to say, several fans would probably disagree with Jay-Z and Beyonce’s impromptu vacay. Timing, after all, is everything…

Time will tell whether or not Beyonce will post pictures from her trip so that the Beyhive cools down. In the meantime, go through a gallery above to get your fill of Beyonce’s best pics!

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