Beyoncé Just Launched a Coachella Pop-Up Store

If you loved every second of Beyoncé’s Coachella performance, then you’re going to adore this news—the Destiny’s Child singer has opened up a Coachella pop-up store, which you can visit online here for a limited time only.

Rather than selling replicas of her incredible, custom-made, Balmain-designed outfits, Beyoncé’s pop-up store features brand new designs inspired by her Coachella set. And, of course, there are several items featuring Beyoncé’s very own coat of arms, which was designed for her Coachella appearance.

Beyoncé Nefertiti Photo Tee, $40 SHOP

According to Harper’s Bazaar UK, fans have been noting that much of the merch seems to take inspiration from “fraternity logos, which typically employ Greek lettering, and that Beyoncé is effectively creating her own sorority collection with the launch.” And I think we can all agree that if Queen Bey started a sorority, we’d all want to join it immediately.

Beyoncé Crest Windbreaker, $115 SHOP

Sadly, Beyoncé’s second weekend at Coachella won’t be livestreamed on YouTube, but at least the world has last week’s epic, and groundbreaking, performance to keep rewatching. The singer made history as the first black woman to headline Coachella, and her performance was lauded the world over.

As well as reuniting Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé engaged in a dance battle with her sister Solange, and even brought husband Jay Z out on to the stage for a duet.

A countdown clock on her site announces that the Beychella pop-up store closes in around a month, so you’d be smart to order your merch quickly.

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