Big Brother Recap: Was That the Most Predictable Eviction Ever?

Big Brother: All-Stars has been light on the drama since it debuted a week ago. 

What the house needed was a good old eviction to increase the drama. Unfortunately, that did not work. 

Thursday’s new episode got underway with Keesha and Kevin still on the block, and only one of them campaigning to stay in the game. 

We wish we were kidding, but the legendary Keesha Smith continued to have terrible read on the game. 

Even when Janelle urged her ally to rock the boat, Keesha felt like she would be able to get Taylor’s vote. 

We think we speak for the Big Brother fandom when we ask the following question:

Who the Eff is Taylor?

Keesha’s terrible read on the game continued when she seemed to get Tyler’s name mixed up with someone who is not even in the game. 

Keesha understood the writing was on the wall, and it certainly seemed like she just rolled over and accepted defeat. 

Keesha was Big Brother royalty, so it’s weird to see such a big player not try to stay in the game. 

As for Kevin, he continued wheeling and dealing to rally up the votes in his favor, and we got to see him solidify a final-two deal with Nicole A. 

Together, they could be a force, but they also need to make deals with some other players if they want to stand a chance at making it further into the game. 

Before we got to the actual vote, we learned of some new alliances forming.

Memphis formed a majority alliance with Cody, Tyler, Daniele, Christmas, and Nicole F, while Cody went with an alliance including Enzo, Da’Vonne, and Bayleigh. 

Out of all the alliances in the game, Memphis seems to mean business, so it should be fun to find out how this will shake out. 

Early alliances typically implode quickly. 

Here is how the eviction votes landed.

– David votes to evict: Keesha

– Nicole A votes to evict: Keesha

– Ian votes to evict: Keesha

– Franzel votes to evict: Keesha

– Tyler votes to evict: Keesha

– Christmas votes to evict: Keesha

– Kaysar votes to evict: Keesha

– Bayleigh votes to evict: Keesha

– Da’Vonne votes to evict: Keesha

– Janelle votes to evict: Keesha

– Enzo votes to evict: Keesha

– Dani votes to evict: Keesha

– Memphis votes to evict: Keesha

Keesha teared up as she left the game and made a comment about going back to “COVID house.” Good one, Keesh!

We also got our first insight into a socially distanced eviction interview, and Keesha was asked to wear a mask to be interviewed by Julie Chen Moonves. 

We moved on to the HOH competition, which found houseguests answering true or false about a series of videos. 

– Round 1: Kaysar & David eliminated

– Round 2: Dani & Enzo eliminated

– Round 3: Franzel & Christmas eliminated

– Round 4: Kevin eliminated

– Round 5: Janelle & Ian eliminated

– Round 6: Nic A, Bayleigh, Tyler, & Da’Vonne eliminated

Memphis is the new HOH!

Memphis made it all the way to the final two of Big Brother 10 — without a single HOH win. 

As we look ahead to next week, it’s likely that Janelle and Kaysar will be the targets, and with neither able to play in the safety suite, we will probably be saying goodbye to one of them next week. 

Big Brother continues Thursdays. 

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