Bill Cosby's Lawyer Has Asked A Court To Overturn His Conviction And Prison Sentence

This is news that should please only Remy Ma and whoever else who thinks Bill Cosby is too old for punishment. On September 25, a court sentenced 81-year-old convicted rapist Bill Cosby to three to ten years in prison. Bill’s legal team was doing everything possible to prevent their client from facing a shred of responsibility for his actions, and they’re still at it.

The Wrap is reporting that Bill’s attorneys are arguing that errors were made during his sexual assault case in Pennsylvania, and therefore the court should overturn the three counts of aggravated indecent assault and the minimum three-year prison sentence.

Bill’s lawyers have had a major hate-on for Justice Steven O’Neill, the judge who oversaw Bill’s case. They’ve accused Judge O’Neill of personal bias by being married to a woman who works with assault survivors, and of political bias by once running against Montgomery County DA Bruce Castor who refused to prosecute Bill Cosby. They’ve also tried to argue that they needed a second opinion on Judge O’Neill’s declaration that Bill Cosby is a “sexually violent predator.” They’re playing the sexually violent predator card again.

On Friday, Bill’s legal team filed documents saying that it was wrong of Judge O’Neill to say that Bill fit the description of a sexually violent predator. Along with being called an SVP, Bill will be required to undergo lifetime counseling, report every 3 months to authorities, and have his name added to the sex-offender registry. His attorney’s don’t think that’s fair.

His lawyers also argue that the average sentence for such a conviction is two to three years, and that’s for a healthy person who can handle prison. That’s right, Bill’s lawyers think his prison sentence is extreme for a partially-blind 81-year-old. His legal team adds that Judge O’Neill wrongly considered the testimony of five other accusers when making his decision to put him away from three to ten. They also have a problem with some of the testimony and evidence that was given during the trial, like an audio recording between Bill and Gianna Constand, the mother of Andrea Constand, which they called “not authentic.”

A spokesperson for the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office tells NBC News that they plan on filing a response.

I doubt Bill’s prison sentence will go from a minimum of three years to zero days, which I’m sure is what he’s hoping for. But I’d be okay if the court erased the words “sexually violent predator” from his name. Describing how awful a predator is in ten court-ordered syllables is redundant when you could do it in three. “Bill Cosby” – see? Nice and simple.


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