Billie Eilish Calls Childish Gambino One Of Her ‘All-Time Favorite Creators’

Alt-pop star Billie Eilish has called Childish Gambino one of her “all-time favorite creators.”

During the latest episode of her Apple Music radio show she co-hosts with her dad, Eilish discussed her admiration for Gambino.
Eilish was joined by her brother Finneas during the episode.

Eilish introduced the episode stating, “This is our Finneas episode – full of childhood bops, some inspirational songs, me and Finneas have loved over the years, some songs we’ve shown each other, songs we’ve been inspired by.”

The pair then played Gambino aka Donald Glover‘s 2011 track “Bonfire,” which appeared on his debut album, Camp.

“This is from the album I think both me and Finneas found Donald Glover through. Incredible album. The first song I heard ever from him, and was actually I think the first song I heard that was like rap, was ‘Heartbeat’ from this album,” Eilish said.

She added, “From then on, everybody knows that Donald Glover is like… one of my all-time favorite creators. He’s exactly everything that I idolize about a creator. He’s every single element of what I think is amazing.”

The music queue for show also featured “Boom Boom Pow” from The Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake‘s “Cry Me a River,” Avril Lavigne‘s “Complicated,” and Green Day‘s “21 Guns,” which the brother and sister said were tracks that influenced them during childhood.

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