Billie Eilish's Optical Illusion Sneakers Are Dividing the Internet

Billie Eilish has essentially given the internet "the dress" in shoe form.

On Instagram, the singer posted a video addressing some internet controversy around her Nike Air Jordans. Apparently, the shoes are mint and white but most people (including me) are seeing a light pink and white. "You guys are all my f–king dad," she said while holding the shoes. "Years ago I was wearing these shoes and my dad's like wow those shoes are so cool what are those like pink and white? PINK AND WHITE?"

Fans on Twitter, immediately started questioning the color. "every time i look at billie eilish’s story those shoes are a different colour, HOW TF ARE THEY MINT AND WHITE AND NOT PINK AND WHITE!? IM GOING CRAZY. HELP," one person wrote.

For most of the video, Eilish is indoors and the shoes do look pink.

billie eilish shoes

But then, she posted them outside and the green is easier to see.

The shoes are listed as mint and so it seems like Eilish is probably right with her assertion that we're all just seeing things.

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