‘BIP’s Jordan Kimball Accused Of Creating Fake Texts To Frame Jenna Cooper As A Cheater

After ‘BIP’s Jenna Cooper was accused of cheating on ex-fiancé Jordan Kimball, her lawyer accused him of fabricating text messages to look like she was unfaithful. What?!

Jordan Kimball broke off his engagement to Jenna Cooper after text messages emerged that made it seem as if she had cheated. Now, Cooper’s lawyer has accused Kimball of fabricating the texts. Kimball shared screenshots of an email from Cooper’s lawyer, Justin R. Apple, on his Instagram Friday, Oct. 5.

Apple started off by noting that he has been trying to contact the Bachelorette star multiple times before writing, ““We have not heard from you likely because you know what we know (ie; that you created the fabricated texts posted by [Reality Steve blogger] Stephen Carbone). You are clearly avoiding the situation because you know the truth already.”

Apple then gave further “evidence” of his allegations. “You should note that the only man Jenna ever called ‘princess’ in a text message, is you. On August 26, 2018 at 7:33:18 am, Jenna texted you and said ‘good morning princess’ (with lips emoji following). On August 30, 2018 at 1:34:59 pm you texted Jenna, ‘melts my heart,’” the lawyer wrote. “There are numerous other unique texts that appear only in text exchange between you and Jenna that match the fabricated texts you sent to Stephen Carbone. Indeed, the fabricated texts appear to be a ‘cliffs notes’ version of your texts with Jenna.”

The attorney also threatened legal action against Kimball and Carbone if the model did not come out publicly and say that he knew the texts were fabricated. He also warned against showing the email to anyone besides a lawyer or contacting his ex. “I know the truth, and I am giving you an easy ‘out,’” Apple concluded.

Kimball got engaged to Cooper on the season 5 finale of Bachelor in Paradise, which aired on Sept. 11. Just one day later, Kimball announced that they had split up after Reality Steve released text messages that were allegedly exchanged between the social media manager and an unknown man. The texts appeared to reveal that Cooper had allegedly cheated on Kimball during their engagement.

Shortly after sharing the screenshots, Kimball took to his Instagram story to announce that he will “not be talking about this matter anymore.”

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