Blac Chyna gets underground silicone butt injections removed: ‘you could possibly die’

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We recently heard from Blac Chyna, aka Angela White, that she had her boob and butt implants and facial fillers removed in order to preserve a more natural look. When I last wrote, she was focused on posting videos of the face filler removal process. Now, she’s sharing more information about the body stuff, talking about how much she got removed and saying more about the potential complications from the butt injections she got 15 years ago.

Blac Chyna is offloading some literal weight. The 34-year-old model shared in a new interview that she dropped 10 pounds of weight by having silicone removed from her butt. “You know how many CC’s I took out?” she asked Access Hollywood guest correspondent Simone Boyce during the on-camera interview. “1,250 CC’s. A two-liter coke bottle all in my booty!” The mom of two, who now goes by Angela White, has been reversing a lot of her cosmetic procedures — but she felt the rear end injections, obtained at the young age of 19, were the most dangerous.

“This is a regular person that’s doing it, so they’re getting whatever substance that they’re doing and giving it to you,” she explained. “They’re not telling you, ‘Hey, you could possibly die.’” Among the effects she experienced, she claimed, were inflammation and hardness. “My rear end would get super inflamed, and it would get very hard and very hot and it was very scary,” she said during the interview.

The procedure is just one of many she’s now addressing. “This is my fifth boob job,” she said. “I’ve had liposuction 3 times. I’ve had fillers, I had butt augmentation.” Now, she’s getting rid of facial fillers, removing tattoos, shearing her hair, and undergoing breast and butt reduction.

“I’ve been changing my life and changing my ways, so one of the things that I feel like is going to take me to the next level is obviously taking some of, taking some of these a** shots out,” she said during an Instagram video shared on March 13.

She also warned fans against getting the injections she had removed. “Do not get silicone shots because you can get sick, you can die, have complications, and all this crazy other stuff,” she told viewers on the platform. “I haven’t had any real complications since I got it. I got it when I was 19 years old, but now I’m moving here in life so I want this s***out of my a** so I can grow.”

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I am not advocating for or against butt implants overall, but it sounds like the place she went to wasn’t exactly the most legit and licensed. Blac Chyna literally says it’s just a regular person that was doing the injections and they didn’t know or explain much about the particular injection they were doing. That does sound like a recipe for disaster. I didn’t know she’d gotten those augmentations so young — 19 is an adult, but still young. At the time, she probably didn’t really have the money to go to a reputable place/person and we’ve heard plenty of anecdotes about botched plastic surgery jobs, so this isn’t totally surprising. But it does sound scary! Getting sick and having complications sounds scary! Whatever her end goal is now, at least she likely has the resources to go to legit places and isn’t getting shoddy work that may get her sick.

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