Blac Youngsta Puts Boxing Ring In His Living Room, Fills It With Naked Strippers & Makes It Rain

Blac Youngsta took to Instagram on June 23 to post incredibly wild video clips of himself throwing a large amount of money around while having a massive house party that was full of dancing naked strippers.

Woah! Rapper Blac Youngsta, 28, proved his house parties are unlike any other when he took to Instagram on June 23 to post various video clips to his story and they were definitely NSFW! Blac’s clips started out showing the set up for the party, including a boxing ring that was put in the middle of his living room, and he kept telling his viewers there was something big about to happen and man, was he right! The clips soon showed him and others in the midst of a massive party with loud music, totally naked strippers (who were dancing in and out of the boxing ring) and lots and lots of dollar bills. Throughout the provocative videos, Blac was making it rain with his money all over his place like never before. From rubbing the money all over the strippers to throwing it up in the air all over the party goers, the scene was intense to say the least!

In addition to the rainstorm of money, Blac and his friends were getting down and dirty with the strippers. Some were slapping their behind while others were grinding against the willing ladies. It was truly a sight to see and like something straight out of a movie. Blac seemed to be enjoying himself immensely during the festivities as a smile never left his face and with the amount of money pics he has on his Instagram, we have to admit that we’re not surprised he made the bills such a large part of the night!

Although the party was high up there on the wild list, this isn’t the first time Blac has made headlines for doing something others may deem crazy. The young talent was totally slammed when he shared a photo of himself tied to a cross that was a part of a tribute to late rapper Tupac Shakur last July. The controversial pic was a replica of the cover of Tupac’s The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.

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