Blake Griffin Who? Kendall Jenner Spotted Getting Cozy With Diplo at Coachella

It seems like Kendall Jenner‘s relationship with Blake Griffin is really over. According to multiple reports, the 22-year-old model was seen flirting with Diplo at a Coachella bash in Palm Springs, California on April 20.

“Kendall and Diplo were super-flirty at the party,” a source told The Sun. “There was lots of touching and some extended hugging. They both appeared to be comfortable and familiar in each other’s company and hanging off everything the other person said. Diplo was stroking her arm. They were in great spirits.”

Furthermore, it appeared their flirty act caught the interest of other partygoers as everyone “wondered whether there could be something more going on between them.” The source added, “Kendall has a lot of male interest and isn’t keen to be tied down in a serious relationship. Diplo is extremely elligible catch and she seemed very flattered at the attention he was showing her.”

Adding fuel to the breakup rumors, Blake and Kendall separately attended a Coachella party last week. An onlooker told PEOPLE that the basketball player walked past the model’s table as she stared at him. She then turned to whisper something to a friend. They didn’t speak to each other all night. However, they were spotted having dinner together at Delilah restaurant in West Hollywood on April 19.

The reports arrived after the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star treated her Instagram followers to a couple of sexy pictures of herself that she took during the fun-filled festival. Both pictures featured her posing in different positions on a grass lawn while wearing a leopard print bikini. While her face wasn’t shown in both shots, Kendall still drove fans wild by showing off her derriere.

keeping my feelings low key

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keeping my feelings low key

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“Keeping my feelings low key,” she captioned the cheeky snaps, which have garnered over 3 million likes.

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