Blake Griffin Proves He’s Over Kendall By Making Out With Mystery Blonde After Jenner Kisses Anwar

Blake Griffin was spotted hanging out with and smooching a pretty mystery woman in Los Angeles on June 9. See the steamy pics of the rumored new couple here!

It looks like Blake Griffin, 29, and Kendall Jenner, 22, are over for good! Blake was spotted spending time with a mystery blonde lady friend in Los Angeles on June 9 and they spent the day happily kissing in his Land Rover and frolicking around on Bird scooters so it definitely looks like he’s moved on! Although there’s no word yet on who the lucky woman is, it’s the first time Blake’s been seen with a lady since he and Kendall broke things off so she’s most likely someone pretty special to the NBA star. Check out the pics of Blake and his lady friend here!

Like Blake, Kendall’s been spotted working on her own romantic life. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been spending time with two men since her split with Blake and we’re not so sure where she’s taking any of it. First she was seen hanging out with basketball player Ben Simmons and then she was seen getting real cozy with Gigi and Bella Hadid‘s brother Anwar Hadid. She’s definitely living it up and enjoying her time as a free agent and it’s good to see her having fun!

One of the last times we saw Blake and Kendall together was when they went out to dinner back in Apr. after seemingly avoiding each other shortly before at Coachella. We’re not exactly sure what caused Blake and Kendall to go their separate ways but we’re hoping they’re at least still friends! After a whirlwind romance, we’re sure they shared a lot together and even though it looks like they’re clearly ready to get on with the dating game, we’ll still be on the lookout to see if anything changes!

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