Blake Shelton Is Planting A Wildflower Garden For Gwen Stefani & Fans Are Sobbing — See Pic

Blake Shelton proved he’s the best boyfriend ever by hopping on a tractor to clear a field for Gwen Stefani’s future garden!

Blake Shelton, 42, is the absolute sweetest! The country singer, who has been spending time with Gwen Stefani, 50, in Oklahoma where he owns two homes, posted a photo of him clearing a field with a tractor in order to get Gwen’s “wildflower garden spot ready.” Needless to say, their fans were seriously impressed with his level of devotion to Gwen. Safrin08 wrote, “Oh my heart. More sunflowers and daffodils? You guys are such cuties.” GwenFreakGX tweeted, “Awww 😭❤️.”

Meanwhile, a source close to the couple told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she loves being in Oklahoma with Blake. “Gwen has definitely grown to love spending time in Oklahoma with Blake,” our source told us. “She grew up in California so it was a bit of a culture shock at first and took some time for her to adjust to the laid back way of life there. Gwen really looks forward to her visits in Oklahoma now. She loves how tranquil and peaceful life is there and her kids love it too. She uses Oklahoma as a way of recharging her batteries and spending quality time with Blake and the kids.”

We reported earlier that Blake will always watch Gwen perform from backstage at her concerts for the sweetest reason. “Gwen Stefani gets too nervous when performing for Blake Shelton, so every time she performs, he stays backstage,” another source told us. “It’s funny because Gwen is so outgoing, too! You never see him in the crowd. Blake is really the only one that makes Gwen get like that and Blake thinks it’s so cute and sweet so he’s happy to just watch her backstage when she has shows. He also knows if he’s in the crowd, it makes it more about him then her, and he doesn’t want her to feel that way.”

Meanwhile, after Gwen asked her followers to rate Blake’s hotness, Blake was flattered. “When the person you are in love with tells anyone and everyone that you are sexy, how is that ever a bad thing? It is really only a great thing to hear, and Blake is taking it as such,” another source told us. “But since Blake is so playful with everything and a genuinely funny guy, he jokes with Gwen about being the sexiest man alive all the time and that Gwen is late to the game on her claims of him being sexy.”

“They both have fun with it, and he appreciates how she fawns over him because he feels that she is amazing herself,” our source went on to say.

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