Blake Shelton Says His Miranda Lambert Diss Tweet Was ‘Personal’ — Responds To Cheating Scandal

Blake Shelton is finally fessing up to whether or not his ‘karma’ tweet was about ex-wife Miranda Lambert’s alleged cheating scandal with married singer Evan Felker.

Blake Shelton‘s finally addressing THAT tweet. He wrote about “karma” on the heels of  reports that ex Miranda Lambert, 34, allegedly started an affair with married touring partner Evan Felker, 34, while she was still in a two-year relationship with the-boyfriend Anderson East, 29. Right after Us Weekly broke the story, the Blakester tweeted on Apr. 25, “Been taking the high road for a long time. I almost gave up, but I can finally see something on the horizon up there??? Wait??? Could it be?! Yep!!! It’s karma!!” Just about everyone took it to be a jab at Miranda, as when she and Blake divorced in July of 2o15, there had been rumors that she had already had something going on with Anderson.

“It was a personal thing that’s in a small circle of my people and that’s why it was written the way it was, and then people took it and make it into what they want to make it into, which I don’t want any part of that. But at the same time, I can’t but help to think it’s funny how these fires get lit and it takes off and I don’t have time to care, that’s why I’ve kind of moved on,” he told Extra‘s Renee Bargh backstage at The Voice on Apr. 30. Wait, so if it was meant for just his “people” to understand, why did the tweet come across like he was dissing Miranda? Who else would fans deduce that the “karma” quip had been about?

Even fellow The Voice judge Kelly Clarkson, 35, called him out for knowing exactly what he was doing by sending out such an attention grabbing message. “You stir the pot every day, why is anyone surprised, ever? He always does it! He gets off on it!” she told Extra. Because really, Blake sure got fans talking with that “karma” message. If there’s someone other than Miranda that his close circle of friends would know about, why would that tweet read the way it did? Man, it sounds like he’s never going to tell the full truth about the message, but he sure is glad we’re all chattering about it.

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