Bodybuilder Calum von Moger Reveals Gruesome Injuries Suffered In Near-Death Fall

Bodybuilding star Calum von Moger just revealed some of the injuries he suffered in a near-death fall last month … showing he was battered, bruised, scarred and deeply cut on nearly every part of his body.

Posting on his social media page this weekend for the first time since he reportedly crashed through a second-story window in early May … von Moger showed his body went through hell.

In a video the 31-year-old took from his hospital bed, you can see he required stitches to close wounds on his hands and arms, and also needed bandages all over as well.

von Moger, who reportedly suffered a spine injury in the fall that was so severe it had him in a medically induced coma, also showed a photo of a huge scar on the middle of his back.

“What waking up from a bad dream looks like…” he wrote in the caption on the video.

von Moger added that “it’s nice to be alive” … and thanked all his fans for their “well wishes and prayers” while he was in the hospital.

von Moger, according to reports, returned home from the medical facility in late May — a few weeks after the fall — and he was reportedly seen there walking without any assistance.

The former Mr. Universe, who also played a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in the ’18 flick “Bigger,” did say in an Instagram story, though, that he still has a “long road ahead to recover from this one.”

Get well soon, Calum.

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