Brandi Carlile Shares Thoughts On LGBTQ+ Parenting

In a new article for Parents magazine, singer Brandi Carlile shared her thoughts on LGBTQ+ parenting.

The 39-year-old multiple Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter, who shares daughters Evangeline, 6, and Elijah, 2, with wife Catherine Shepherd, wrote about wanting to be a model for other LGBTQ+ parents raising children.

Carlile said they initially found the same-sex parents concept so foreign because “queer parenting lacks a manual.”

“There’s no way to prepare same-sex parents for what a lifetime of exposure to only heteronormative parenting will do to your heart and mind while you’re contemplating and creating a new little life,” she added.

Carlile said they call their second child Elijah “joy bomb” because “she has just exploded joy into our world and she’s finally taught our serious little Evangeline how to belly laugh.”

“The way we approach parenting now feels instinctual, even natural,” according to Carlile. “We divide tasks by what feels important to us in the moment, not based on society’s expectations of moms and dads.”

(Photo: Alysse Gafkjen)

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