Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan Recalls ‘Stabbing’ Co-star Claudia Jessie With a Parasol

Nicola Coughlan might have run into a few wardrobe issues on Bridgerton.

The Penelope Featherington actress opened up in a new interview about how on her first day, she was not feeling walking in the heels provided for her character.

“It was evident pretty quickly on my first day that I couldn’t walk in these heels. So I was walking along during a scene and then all of a sudden with my corset and everything I had no sort of central strength so I completely toppled over and landed on the ground,” Nicola shared about the mishap.

She added that she “got up and was like, ‘That’ll never happen again’, and it happened twice more. I fell over three times.”

That’s not all the things that happened to Nicola on the set – she also stabbed her co-star Claudia Jessie, who plays Eloise, too!

The third time she fell, she was also holding a parasol, which she says is a “deadly weapon.”

“I fell forward really quickly and I stabbed Claudia Jessie in the hand and it drew blood,” she said. “That was my first day, that was Eloise, yes, I stabbed her. But she forgave me we are still friends.”

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