Brielle Biermann Shows Off Butt In Bikini & Jokes She’s Looking For ‘A** Eater’ New BF

Brielle Biermann is looking for a new man. And the reality TV star is very clear about the X-rated thing she wants him to do in the bedroom. But it’s just a little TMI for some of her fans!

Brielle Biermann, 21, is single and ready to mingle and she knows exactly what she wants in her new man. In fact she got very explicit about how much she wants him to worship her bum. On May 3, the Southerner posted a series of beach photos on Instagram, flaunting her bikini figure from behind. “Behind,” being the key word! The first two captions were PG – “beach please” and “salty, not sweet.” But the third caption was very X-rated. She wrote, “Peaches & cream. Any a** eaters out there? Currently searching for one!” Brielle’s caption got fans all riled up. Some even brought her mama Kim Zolciak, 39, into the mix. One wrote about the Don’t Be Tardy star, “Kim must be a proud mom.” Brielle fired back, “She gave me the caption! LOL.”

When another fan praised her sense of humor, she wrote in response, “YES HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. ALL IN GOOD FUN! I’m always joking around. Life’s not meant to be serious :).” Yet another fan slammed people who were so “outraged” by the comment. The person wrote, “All of y’all fronting and being all outraged about this have obviously never had anyone ‘eat’ urs properly.” The fan added, “Girl, more power to you! Wish I knew I liked that at 21. Would have made the deed more fun!!”

For those people who thought her caption went a bit too far, Brielle later clarified what she meant in an Instagram story on May 4. “I’m not just looking for an a** eater,” she told her followers. “I’m looking for someone to wife this a** and eat it.”

Peaches & cream Any ass eaters out there? Currently searching for one!

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When someone in the background asked her if she meant “wipe,” she got even clearer, “Wife it. Wife this a**, lick this a**.” Until recently Brielle was in a serious relationship with her ex Michael Kopech, 22. Her mom Kim confirmed their split during a March 18 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Brielle had been dating the Chicago White Sox baseball pitcher since May 2016.

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