Britney Spears walks Rylan Clark Neal like a dog and ‘whips’ him live on stage

Britney Spears took her affection for presenter Rylan Clark Neal to a new level when she put a lead on him, walked him round like a dog and pretended to spank him.

The singer, who was performing at The O2 on Saturday night, invited Rylan to come on stage with her at the gig, and he was completely shocked to receive the message.

But Rylan may not have been quite aware of what was up next, as she revealed him before the pair took part in an outrageous stunt.

Britney was surrounded by her male dancer during the song Freak Show, who stepped aside to reveal the songstress with Rylan, who was on all fours, strapped to a lead and being walked like a dog by the woman herself.

She strutted and pretended to whip Rylan as he crawled on the floor, wearing a crisp white shirt, black jeans and a studded black harness around his chest to make sure he did not try to escape her clutches.

After the strange dog-walking moment, Rylan was hoisted upright by the dancers, who held his arms up high as Britney pointed and smiled at him, laughing with him for the hilarious time they spent together on stage.

She also grinded all over him, as he gyrated vigorously to the pumping bass of her catchy pop tunes.

The singer wore high-waisted fishnet tickets with a bra and pants combo, which was joined together at the naval and was sported her high heels and black stockings over the top.

The star was shocked to find out from his This Morning colleagues Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes that Britney had personally invited him to go on stage.

He was completely shocked, but clearly he wasn’t too starstruck as he was able to give all the dancers as good as he got.

Rylan has shown his commitment to the Britney Spears cause after doing an interview with her in 2016 where he danced to his favourite of her tunes, and she had to guess which song it was.

The This Morning pair showed the clip of that interview, reminding him of his love for her before telling him she had invited him personally to appear alongside her.

He squealed: "Are you for real, this isn’t a wind up?" before accepting the exciting news was true.

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