Brody Dalle of The Distillers Details COVID Diagnosis for Her and Her Family

In an July 24 Instagram post, the punk rock band founder shares with fans that she, her boyfriend and their children have tested positive for the new coronavirus variant.

AceShowbizThe DistillersBrody Dalle and her family have tested positive for the new COVID variant.

The Australian singer/songwriter shared the devastating diagnosis in an July 24 Instagram post, revealing she, her boyfriend and their kids are all “Positive for SARS CoV-2”.

“We are on day 7 of a 10 day quarantine [sic],” Dalle wrote next to a picture of herself and her boyfriend in a hospital. “We found out on vacation and it has been pervasive, unsettling and brutal.”

“It started with my youngest, runny eyes and runny nose and slowly but surely picked us off one by one… some of the symptoms didn’t seem like covid, honestly I thought it was allergies and I even got a prescription for bronchitis…[sic]. it wasn’t until my temp hit 103.7 and my boyfriend hit 104.5 and the body aches laid us out and we couldn’t breathe, that we went to the hospital.”

“after my doctor asked ‘are you sure you don’t have new covid…’ the kids all stayed/stay consistently between 99-101.5…our symptoms varied/vary individually but the list is extensive [sic].”

Brody went on to list some of the symptoms she and her family experienced and urged anyone with similar ailments to get tested “sooner than we did.”

The singer added, “I can’t get vaccinated as I have an auto immune disease where my body attacks itself.” She did not specify whether any of her family members had been vaccinated.

“Covid 19 is nothing to balk at, it’s very serious,” she wrote in the comments section attached to her original post. “I can see and feel how if you’re not healthy and your immune system isn’t running at optimum level, you could be in big trouble.”

Other musicians who have recently announced they have COVID include British singer Arlo Parks and a member of Irish post-punk band Fontaines D.C. – both acts were forced to cancel their appearance at this weekend’s Latitude festival in Suffolk, England.

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