BTS Fans Freak Out After ‘Ellen’ Accidentally Spoils New Song ‘Fake Love’ — See Epic Tweets

BTS fans took to Twitter to express their high energy excitement after ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ spilled the beans on the band’s upcoming performance and new single. Check out the thrilling tweets here!

BTS is almost back! The K-Pop band’s fans are freaking out after The Ellen DeGeneres Show released a lineup of their guests for the month of May on May 1 and it included none other than BTS! The show’s announcement, which was obtained by Variety, revealed that the band will perform on the show on May 25 and it also gave away the title of BTS’ highly anticipated new single, “Fake Love”. The news was completely unexpected since BTS has yet to reveal any info on their new single but their fans are absolutely loving it!

“According to the article by @/andylassner, the Ellen show producer,@BTS_twt will appear on Ellen show in the week of May 25. And they even spoiled the song title “Fake Love”
*OMG my fingers are shaking now to type this news!!,” one super fan excitingly tweeted. “IS WHAT IM SEEING TRUE? FAKE LOVE IS THE NEW COMEBACK SONG?!?!???!??? OMFG THEY ARE COMEBACK WITH NEW CONCEPT, NEW SONGS NEW EVERYTHING LESS THAN 17 DAYS,” another posted.

Other fans were already wondering what the song would sound like or what it’s about. “What if Fake Love has the sexiness of BS&T, the emotional depth of House of Cards, the musical uniqueness of Don’t Leave Me, with ample time for Rap Line to shine like in Mic Drop,” one tweet read. “title track is gonna be ‘Fake Love’ and the title from it’s self screams dark concept #FakeLoveIsComing,” another fan said.

Although the guesses keep coming and the anticipation grows, it looks like we’ll all have to wait until the talented guys decide when and how they want us to hear the song for the first time! While the performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show may very well be the first time we hear the new jam in a live setting, it’s always a possibility that the band will surprise us and release it sooner. If not, the new album is still set to come out before the show’s performance on May 19 so we’re sure to hear it then. BTS announced the release of the new album, Love Yourself: Tear on their official Twitter page on Apr. 16.

We can’t wait for a whole new season of BTS music! Bring it on!

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