BTS’ RM, Suga & J-Hope Unleash Playful Diss Track ‘Ddaeng’ Aimed At Their Haters — Listen

Oh snap! BTS’s trio of rappers are clapping back at their haters with a fun brand-new song! Take a listen right here!

Sure, K-pop sensation BTS isn’t known for it’s hip-hop stylings but that doesn’t mean they don’t deliver! RM, Suga and J-Hope just dropped a new track showcasing their dizzying skills, not to mention calling out their critics! The song is called “Ddaeng,” which apparently refers to the sound a bell makes. You know, like “ding.” Featuring a decisive Eastern flavor, the track is both playful and barby as the trio take turns spitting rhymes about their haters and their rise to fame. The song is part of the group’s 2018 Fest celebration and follows remixes of several beloved singles, according to Billboard.

Some choice (translated) lyrics include: “You wrong me right look carefully ddaeng/ Ring the school bell brr brr ddaeng/ Hey there is no hope in this life of yours ddaeng.” They also show some love for a certain publication that highlighted them back when they were struggling to stand out among the crowded K-pop scene. “Billboard is all thanks to you bae/ No one else is above us,” they rap.

This new amazing track arrives just a week after BTS’s legion of fans did their own blasting! Lil Tay, the fowl-mouthed 9-year-old who became an overnight sensation for videos of her ridiculous behavior, decided to show her admiration for the group, even stating that the wants to collab with them! That’s when the group’s fandom went on the attack!

“Y’all, Lil Tay has targeted BTS now. idk how to feel, tbh, but I don’t see no sincerity in this. All I see the crave for clout, so don’t give it to her. Don’t hype it up. Don’t do anything about it. Negative publicity is still publicity,” one fan wrote. “Me, looking at Lil Tay’s tweets about BTS as if she gave a damn who tf they actually are,” another wrote alone with a glaring meme. Yikes!

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