Caitlyn Jenner's Family Embarrassed By Run For Governor – Kim Kardashian Already Fighting Her Over Prison Reform!

Caitlyn Jenner’s sudden pivot into politics isn’t sitting well with her family!

As we reported, the KUWTK star is running for governor of California; a move that confused most of social media. While the Olympian’s famous family members have yet to publicly comment on the news, they are reportedly discussing it with each other — and all agree that Cait should stay in her own lane.

According to The Blast, the superstar called members of the KarJenner klan the night before she made the big announcement, and several of them told her it wasn’t a good idea. But, of course, the 71-year-old launched the campaign the next day anyway — so you could imagine some of her kiddos aren’t happy right now.

Apparently, Cait’s sons — Brandon, Brody, and Burt — don’t feel she is qualified for such an important position and strongly advised her not to run for the office. The Blast reports the Jenner boys are upset their father “never took the family’s feelings into consideration.”

As for the other side of the fam? Reportedly, Cait’s political career isn’t testing well with her daughters either: the girls — including Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner — will not be hitting the campaign trail in support of their father. So, it sounds like Cait doesn’t have the support of her brood overall. But one family member is particularly up in arms: Kim Kardashian, who is already clashing with the I Am Cait star over the subject of prison reform!

As fans know, Kimmy Kakes has been actively seeking justice for prisoners who were wrongly accused or put behind bars for lengthy sentences for minor, drug-related crimes. Chaotically, however, Caitlyn made a direct stance against the KKW Beauty mogul shortly after making the announcement.

Calling out the current Governor (and, indirectly, Kim), she tweeted in response to a story about a 7-month-old who was killed by a man who was allegedly arrested twice this year for domestic violence but released:

“Gavin’s District Attorneys across California are releasing dangerous criminals back onto our streets. Enough is enough. #RecallGavin”

Kim — who is a big supporter of Gavin Newsom’s approach to offering support to people being released from prison — and Caitlyn have apparently had several conversations about prison reform, but the tweet still took the reality star by surprise. Per the outlet, the SKIMS founder says Cait’s tweet was “disturbing.”

So, as per usual, it sounds like there’s a lot of drama within the KarJenner klan. We wonder if this means the entire family will stay silent and unsupportive during Caitlyn’s entire run for office? What do U think?

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