Cameras spot what happened when linesman tried to flag Firmino offside

Roberto Firmino very nearly opened the scoring for Liverpool in their Champions league semi-final clash with Roma – despite being offside.

And no, before you begin, the assistant referee didn’t overlook the fact the Brazilian had mistimed his run and strayed into an offside position.

Instead, the linesman lost the flag from his, well, his flag. This meant he could only hold a little black stick aloft, which looked like a wand, as many pointed out on social media.

Fortunately Firmino fired wide as the assistant referee attempted to flag furiously, and the match official read the situation, to relieve some of the confusion.

Well can you imagine the linesman trying to explain the situation inside a packed Anfield after apparently failing to flag Firmino offside if he had scored?

BT Sport cameras kept an eye on the situation as the linesman tried and failed and tried some more to fix his flag.

Eventually the assistant referee received some assistance of his own, and a member of stadium staff came to the rescue.

But he couldn’t fix the flag either… what a disaster. Eventually the linesman was handed a brand new flag. What a stressful shift for the poor chap, eh?

Will Liverpool be in the Champions League final?


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