Candace Cameron Bure’s Epic Clap Back After Hater Compares Her Weight To Her Husband’s

Candace Cameron Bure has no time for haters! The actress had thee best response to an internet troll who told her she appeared to weigh more than her husband in this photo!

Hi hater, Candace Cameron Bure, 42, sees you! The Full House actress trolled an internet troll who made a negative comment about her weight, and we should all take a page out of Candace’s book. While grabbing dinner with her son, Lev Valerievich Bure, 18, at Nobu in Malibu on April 14, they decided to take a mother-son photo. And, cue the troll. — “All that [exercising] and you still look like you weigh more than your husband, did you change your diet?” an Instagram user wrote in the comments section, seemingly mistaking Bure’s son for her husband of over 20 years, Valeri Bure.

Candace, who is adamant about living a healthy lifestyle and documents her fitness journey on Instagram replied, “If a 25 inch waist looks big to you … then you’re looking through an altered lens. Be well.” And, that’s how it’s done. After her epic clap back, Candace’s fans flocked to the comments section of her photo to defend her against the body bully. “Some people just have nothing better to do than to try to shame someone else,” one fan wrote. “You are beautiful and I hope you realize it! You are an amazing example of a godly woman and I love your attitude!” Another added, “What a blessing to be able to enjoy time with your children! As for the cruel remark, there’s one in every crowd. Please people! Choose kindness! This Mom is gorgeous and has a beautiful family and a kind heart. Hatred not only hurts others, it hurts you too. Bitterness is a very ugly face to wear.”

The Full House actress has never looked better, and she knows it. “I feel the most fit and strong that I’ve ever felt in my life,” Bure told People back in February 2017. “What keeps me on track is that I want to feel good and have a long life with my husband and kids.” Candace has a daughter Natasha, 19, and a second son, Maksim, 16.

While her fitness routine is sometimes dependent on her film schedule, Candace always makes sure to get her workouts in. “It can be anywhere from a 20-minute workout a couple of times a week, or an hour five times a week,” she said. “If I am home and working on Fuller House, my schedule is more consistent, so I’ll usually work out five days a week.”

When Candace has time to hit the gym for a good hour, she usually works out with her trainer Kira Stokes, who trains her via FaceTime. Their workouts usually incorporate “strength training with cardio, plyo work and balance,” she told the site.

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