Cardi B Accidentally Reveals Baby’s Gender During Met Gala Interview: Is It A Boy Or Girl?

Cardi B finally let slip whether she’s having a baby boy or girl! Getting candid on the Met Gala red carpet, the rapper casually explained how her pregnancy is going, and she totally spilled the tea!

Are you ready for it? Cardi B, 25, is having a baby GIRL! The rapper off-handedly revealed the news at the Met Gala on May 7 during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, implying she’s pregnant with a daughter by referring to her child as “she.” “Oh, she wants to fight me! My dress weighs about 35 pounds plus baby. It’s ok though, I used to go up the project stairs…” Cardi shared. “Shorty weighs three and a half pounds. She do! She do weigh three and a half pounds. That’s pretty good for seven months because I was born five pounds.”

Cardi, who’s due to give birth in July, is currently pregnant with her very first child. She shares the little girl with her fiancé Offset, 26. It’s not a big surprise though that the two are expecting a daughter. After all, Cardi’s sister, Hennessy Carolina, referred to the baby as a “her” just weeks ago in an Instagram post that was later deleted. She wrote at the time, “I use to wish I was older than you just so I wouldve gotten the chance to carry you and give you kisses when you were a baby because you were so cute and adorable! and NOW that ur baby is coming its like it’s coming true!” The post continued, “I’m going to be able to hold baby you and give her all the kisses and hugs!”

On top of that, Cardi has openly been receiving baby gifts from fellow celebs, and all the items she gets are geared towards a little girl — i.e. pink clothing, bows, etc. Cardi confirmed her pregnancy back in April while performing on Saturday Night Live. She wore a form-fitting white dress that totally showed of her adorable baby bump, and of course fans went nuts. “I’m finally free,” Cardi shouted backstage after her epic set.

At this point, Cardi is seven months along in her pregnancy, and we love how she and Jeremy Scott dressed her bump for this year’s Met Gala. The star wowed in an embellished floor-length gown and she also had a gorgeous crown on her head. SUCH a stunning mama-to-be!

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