Cardi B’s pregnancy dreams are driving her crazy

Pregnancy comes with a lot of ups and downs. Unfortunately for Cardi B, one of those cons is crazy dreams.

“Ok soooo one thing I don’t like about pregnancy is these weird, crazy, spooky dreams I be having,” the star tweeted on Saturday. “I hate them. I be waking up in the middle of the night out my naps. Is the weirdest thing.”

Fans immediately began quizzing Cardi B on what types of dreams she has. One replied she had vivid sex dreams while pregnant.

“I be having a lot of those too,” Cardi B responded. “Everything is too vivid. Sex dreams, nightmares, good dreams.”

She later said that her little bundle of joy is a bit camera shy.

“My baby be moving soo much and then when I take out my camera to record it will stop,” she quipped with angry emojis.

Cardi B, who said twerking got her pregnant, announced her pregnancy on “Saturday Night Live” in April. At the end of the month, she shared plans to go on hiatus until the baby is born.

“Shorty keep growing. I be looking like I be moving and everything, but in reality, a bitch barely can breathe,” she said in her social media video. “I want to thank y’all for understanding. I’ll be back for the Bruno Mars tour and everything.”

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