Carrie Underwood Grateful to Enjoy Family Life During Lockdown

The ‘Jesus, Take the Wheel’ singer feels ‘very lucky’ to have her husband and children as she returned to her roots during the coronavirus lockdown earlier this year.

AceShowbizCarrie Underwood believes she’s managed to strike the perfect balance between her work and home lives.

The “Jesus, Take the Wheel” singer is mother to two sons – Isaiah, five, and Jacob, 22 months – who she shares with husband Mike Fisher, and has said that whilst some women in the music industry have sacrificed starting a family in favour of progressing their career, she believes she’s managed to successfully have both.

Opening up to Zane Lowe for Apple Music’s “At Home With” series, she explained, “Getting married and starting a family, you see some women in the music industry talk about how they chose not to have a family because they were focused so much on their career. I kind of took the opposite route and I’m just like, I can have it all. I had my son Jake, and three months (later), we had our first show on the Cry Pretty tour. I was like, ‘I can do this’ and we made it through.”

And once her tour was over, Carrie felt as though there was no challenge too big for her or her family.

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“It was all worth it,” she smiled. “I also love that my kids are going to remember, hopefully, some of these times and be like, ‘Wow, my mom was (a) mom but she was also (more).’ Which is such a cool, cool thought to have.”

This year, Carrie was unable to head out to work because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, so spent more time than ever at home with her brood.

And the “Before He Cheats” hitmaker feels “very lucky” to have had the chance to “get back to (her) roots” and enjoy family life.

“I’m very lucky. I do have two incredible boys and my husband, and we live on a farm, and I kind of got to maybe get back to some of my roots boy not being on stage for a minute,” she explained. “I got to be outside so much and I got to work in the garden and just be a mum and be a wife and be at home. It’s the most I’ve been still in over 15 years.”

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