Carrie Underwood Reveals Her Unique Work Out Routine To Get Her Insanely Toned Legs

Carrie’s revealing the very unique way she gets her legs and body in shape.

In addition to her incredible voice, Carrie Underwood has also become pretty famous for her insanely toned legs – and she’s proving that she most definitely works hard for them. In a new interview with Self Magazine, the country superstar opened up about her workout routine and revealed the unique way she exercises to get her body – and her legs – in tip-top shape.

Underwood recently revealed to the diet and fitness magazine that one of her favorite ways to work out is actually by grabbing a grab of cards.

Though it may seem a little odd to hit the gym with cards, Carrie explained that she assigns each suit to a particular exercise and then uses each number on the cards to represent how many reps of each exercise she has to do.

“I’ll assign a move to each suit, then flip over a card and do the number of [reps that corresponds with the number]. So if it’s an eight, I’ll have to do eight push-ups,” Carrie said of her unique workout technique to keep things fresh and interesting in the gym. “Sometimes I’ll assign a suit to running on the treadmill and I’ll run a quarter mile.”

Underwood also told the site about how she manages to fit in a workout as a busy working mom, explaining that she tries to allot time to exercise and will often do things as quickly as possible to fit a workout into her busy day.

An amazing group of women joined me, my mom, and @CALIAbyCarrie for an afternoon of fashion, fitness, and fun! Such a special way to celebrate #MothersDay and the strong women in our lives! #StayThePathTogether

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One of her quick workout fixes includes running three miles around her neighborhood in an impressive 30 minutes.

“My son goes to a ‘Mother’s Day Out’ program two days a week, so I can try to bank on those two days. I’ll drop him off at school and go to the grocery store, then come home and work out,” she said. “I just try to fit things in wherever I can.”

But the mom to 3-year-old Isaiah – who was recently spotted proudly cheering on his mom as she performed the U.S. national anthem at the Nashville Predators hockey game – also joked that being a busy mom also means that her workouts can often be cut a little shorter than she would like.

“My son crashes my workouts a lot,” Carrie said of her young son, who turned 3 in February. “It’s really sweet and sometimes it’s like, ‘OK, I guess I’m done working out now because he’s not letting me do things,’ which is just being a mom.”

But it’s not just her world-famous legs that Underwood has been focusing on the gym recently amid her big step back into the spotlight at the 2018 ACM Awards in April, which followed a sixth-month hiatus after a fall that left her with multiple stitches and a broken wrist.

Underwood revealed that she’s also been working a lot on strength training to stay in shape and has been loving bringing the new form of exercise into her routine.

“The more I work with weights, the more I love them,” Carrie said of how she stays fit and toned. “I really enjoy it.”

Underwood’s latest fitness confessions come shortly after Entertainment Tonight reported that the star is now more determined than ever following her fall.

The site reported last month that the former American Idol winner has pretty much fully recovered from her extensive injuries and knows now that “this is the best time to go for what she really wants.”

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