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Ed Sheeran‘s been blessing our ears with beautiful love songs for years, and if we had to guess what he’s like IRL based solely on his music, we’d probably guess that he’s one of the sweetest A-listers around. Despite his sweet demeanor, though, being front and center in today’s music industry makes him an easy target for hate. However, it’s not just Internet trolls that threw shade his way; it’s some of his peers, too!

We know it’s hard to believe, but on more than one occasion, other celebrities have come for Ed HARD. Whether they were clapping back at something he said, criticizing his music, or downplaying his success, Ed’s gotten his fair share of hate over the course of his career. Don’t believe us? Click through the gallery to find out who came for our beloved Ed Sheeran!

Miley Cyrus

Last year, Miley Cyrus was super busy promoting her most recent album, Younger Now. Unfortunately, she couldn’t promote the album without throwing shade at some other popular artists, including John Mayer, and yes, Ed Sheeran.

We know what you’re thinking: Ed and John are both so incredibly talented! How could she shade them? Well, they may be talented, but apparently, Miley thinks they’re kinda, well, boring!

When asked whether her album would be “singer-songwriter-ey” in an interview with Billboard, Miley replied, “Yeah. But not granola. I don’t listen to Ed Sheeran and John Mayer and stuff.” Uhh… ouch?

Elton John

Although Elton John is one of Ed’s mentors, that doesn’t mean Elton has the same admiration for Ed as Ed does for him. In fact, when Elton was a guest on George Ezra‘s podcast, he got real about Ed’s career and why he’s not going to be on top forever.

Specifically, Elton questioned why Ed’s “Shape of You” was still No.1 at the time! He said, “On the (American radio) chart, which is the middle-of-the-road chart, Ed is still No.1 and ‘Shape of You’ is still in the chart. It’s like, ‘Why?’ How many times do you want to listen to these things?” The answer is a lot, Elton! We want to listen to it a lot!


In an interview with Boulder Weekly back in 2015, Morrissey took some time to call out Ed and Sam Smith. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for older musicians to feel bitter towards young, successful musicians, and that certainly seemed to be the case here.

In the interview, Morrissey said, “we are now in the era of marketed pop stars, which means that the labels fully control the charts, and consequently the public has lost interest. It’s very rare that a record label does something for the good of music.” He then got specific, saying we are “force-fed” artists like Ed and Sam Smith. Umm… harsh?

Katy Perry

Even though they get along just fine these days, the first time Katy Perry ever met Ed, she completely dissed him!

You see, Ed had just gotten done playing a show in Toronto, and since he gives his all during every performance, he was soaked in sweat by the time he walked off stage. Still, after the show he saw the “Swish Swish” singer, and that’s when things got awkward.

Rather than going in for a hug, Katy noticed how sweaty he was and decided she’d rather not. Instead, she told Ed, “I would hug you but, ew.” Yikes!

James Arthur

There’s no denying that people love a rags-to-riches story, but James Arthur wanted people to know that Ed Sheeran didn’t make it where he is today on his own.

In an interview with The Sun, James said, “people think Ed Sheeran crawled off a couch and lived on the street or something.” Yup! James insisted Ed had support when he started, whereas he had none. he finished his sentiment by saying, “I guess my song “Say You Won’t Let Go” proved it’s about the song.” THE SHADE!

Ellie Goulding

At this point, it’s pretty well-known that some of the lyrics in Ed’s song “Don’t” call out Ellie Goulding for cheating on him with Niall Horan. Despite the fact that there was clearly something going on between the two, Ellie instead chose to deny that their relationship never happened at all. Whoa!

In an issue of Elle UK back in 2015, Ellie said, “I was never in a relationship with Ed. I have absolutely no idea where that came from and why it was turned into such a big thing.” TBH, we all saw the photos of the pair cozying up together at the 2013 VMAs, so we have a hard time believing absolutely nothing happened between the two. Don’t you?

Noel Gallagher

When former Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher found out that Ed sold out three nights in a row at Wembley Stadium, he was not happy. In fact, he told NME that he doesn’t think he could live in a world where something like that happens.

Noel said, “I don’t think I can live in a world where that’s even possible. When you hear that kind of polished pop and then there’s a ginger guy with a f***ing guitar it seems subversive, but it’s f***ing not.”

Of course, when Ed heard what Noel said, he clapped back on Twitter, writing, “I can live in it, it’s really enjoyable.” That’s right! You do you, Ed!

Hayley Holt

NGL, we know Hayley Holt as the radio show host that dissed Ed Sheeran, but around the world she’s also known as a reality TV star, a snowboarder, a ballroom dancer, and even a politician! All that aside, we simply won’t ever forget when she referred to Ed as “boring.” Luckily, Ed clapped back at Hayley in the most hilarious way.

After all of the comments she passed about Ed and not being a fan of his music, Ed took it upon himself to wear a jersey with her name on it to one of his concerts. Later, she joked on social media that she wanted the shirt, and also said on the radio show that she doesn’t regret was she said about Ed because he “doesn’t need” her approval. Well, that’s true!

Kristian Nairn

If you’re a diehard fan of Game of Thrones, you probably recognize Kristian Nairn as the actor who plays Hodor. Well, if you remember, Ed made a guest appearance on GoT, and apparently, Kristian wasn’t too thrilled about it.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Kristian said, “I think it’s stupid. I don’t mind going on the record on that. I just think it takes you right out of the world. Especially Ed Sheeran. I was like, ‘Why is Ed Sheeran here?’ I mean, Ed Sheeran’s great. He’s a great guy, great musician, but why is he in Game of Thrones?” Personally, we loved Ed’s cameo, but to each their own!

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