Celebrity essay: topics and titles

There are celebrity essays that address issues that common man faces. We have examined the top five celebrity essays and what they offer.

Celebrity Essay: Topics and Titles

It is no longer news that celebrities are essential figures in society. Since people believe them, their words do command respect, and fans all over the world are listening to them.

It is a good thing that we have celebrities that have used their positions to pass important messages that relate to the life and experience of people. We will discuss some top celebrity essays that have gotten full acceptance. Whether they were written personally or outsourced to writing companies like the ones from powerwritings reviews.

1.       “I am Over Staying Silent About Depression” by Kristen Bell

We all love Kristen Bell as she is gifted with words. Gifted in the sense that she can ease tension and make everyone laugh no matter where she is. Her essay centers on depression and its associated stigma. Even though people avoid talking about it, it is real and affects many.
She also revealed that she struggled with mental health for 15 years, which affected every part of her career.

2.      “My Medical Choice” by Angelina Jolie

This is one of the best essays written by celebrities. It is a powerful piece that encourages women to take care of themselves. She also shared her struggles with mastectomy, which made the health community appreciate her effort.

She admits that there will be many challenges in life. However, once we can control the challenge, it has no power over us.

3.       Stop Killing Us by Beyoncé Knowles

In her essay, she talks about police brutality and their unwarranted murder of black people. The death of two black people triggered the essay by the cops. The piece demonstrates justifiable anger and lots of emotion.

She experienced disagreement and anger because of the murdering of young black people. Her outcry was for U.S. citizens to respect black people and that black people should be protected. Students, many times, use the homework assignment writing service like the homework market to get the best deal on celebrity essays like this.

4.       “The Meanings of the Selfie” by James Franco

In this essay, James revealed that he is not just another cute celebrity. The article was a response to people’s criticism of his excessive selfies. According to James, the attention that comes from taking many selfies gives him the drive to keep going in life.

According to him, it is a way to be relevant and part of the social media age. The good thing about his essay is that people that are not selfie freak find the essay relevant.

5.       “Confessions of a Juggler” by Tina Fey

Tina wrote the essay in response to people’s questions of how she juggles everything. Unlike many other celebrities on our list, Tina is a writer. In a light tone with comedy, Tina reveals how life in the entertainment industry is for a working mother.

While all mothers are not award-winning comedy writers, mothers everywhere can identify with Tina’s ambition and fear that she might get it wrong.


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