Chris Brown’s Party Left Woman Covered In Another’s Blood After She Was Allegedly Raped

This is just horrifying! According to a new lawsuit, a woman claims she was raped at a party at Chris Brown’s house, including by a woman who menstruated on her face. We’ve got the shocking court documents.

A woman has sued Chris Brown, his friend Lowell Grissom Jr. a.k.a. Young Lo, and a number of women after she was allegedly held down and raped at a party at the singer’s home in February of 2017. The woman goes by Jane Doe in her lawsuit which has obtained, and claims that she and her then-roommate met Grissom at One Oak club in LA on Feb. 23, 2017. In the complaint she alleges that he offered up the chance at an after party with Brown at a recording studio, and the women headed to the address he provided. From there things took a very sinister turn according to the woman’s account, with the ladies’ cell phones being confiscated before they were allegedly lured back to Brown’s Encino mansion on the belief it was to get their phones back.

Once at the house the plaintiff says she became really uncomfortable, claiming that everyone — including a large number of women– was drinking and doing drugs and that there were numerous guns visible. She claims Brown was wasted and that she desperately wanted to leave, but that the gates to his mansion were locked with a security code. She alleges that Brown was providing guests with what she believed to be Molly, as well as marijuana. She also claims that Brown gave each female party guest a clear pill with white powder telling them they would have a “good time.”

Jane Doe then alleges that Grissom lured her and her roommate up to a bedroom that contained four large beds and that Brown then entered the room with the three of them, even though the plaintiff says she told them she did not want to engage in sexual activity. At that point a woman named in the lawsuit as Doe X — who she believes once toured with Brown — entered the room with some other women. Jane Doe says Brown then turned on a big screen TV with hardcore pornography playing, while Doe X forced her to have oral sex with Grissom. She then claims the woman took off her clothes, shoved the victim onto a bed and straddled her face with her crotch, allegedly forcing the victim to have oral sex with her. She claims it was that point she made the horrifying discovery that the woman had her period, bleeding all over her face.

The complaint alleges that while Doe X was forcing her naked crotch on the victim’s face, Grissom allegedly simultaneously “molested” her bottom half using his hands and mouth. Thus Jane Doe claims she was “being sexually battered by two people at the same time.”  She then goes on to claim that Doe X then forced her into a bathroom where the victim made the gruesome discovery that her face was covered in blood from the woman’s period. At that point she claims Doe X forced her to a shower. When the victim fled the bathroom, she claims Grissom chased her down, pinned her to a bed and raped her.

Jane Doe says that she begged for her phone back and that Grissom told her to head to a laundry room where he would return it. She called for a rideshare to come pick her up but that while she was waiting for the car, Grissom allegedly shoved her up against a washing machine and forcibly raped her yet again. She says that after he was done, he finally let her go and opened the gate to Brown’s house allowing her to leave. She claims she then went to a rape treatment center and called the police where she reported what had happened to her. We’ve got all of the details in the shocking court documents you can read here.

In a statement, the victim’s lawyer Gloria Allred claims, “This is one of the most horrific cases involving alleged sexual assaults that I have ever seen, and our client Jane Doe has been severely traumatized by what she was forced to suffer.” She added that the victim filed the suit not only because she wants justice for herself, but “she also wants to warn other young women about the potential danger if they have their phones taken away and if they go to Chris Brown’s house.” The victim is seeking general and punitive damages in her lawsuit. We’ve reached out to Brown’s legal team to see if they have a response to these claims.

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