Chris Evans Calls Out Octavia Spencer For Her Not-So-Happy Birthday Wish, and We're DYING

Image Source: Getty / Todd Williamson

Chris Evans marked his 37th birthday on June 13, and a handful of stars took to Twitter to congratulate him. Dwayne Johnson called out the fact that Chris is now “halfway to 74,” while Chadwick Boseman shared a photo from their Avengers press tour. However, Octavia Spencer’s message did not go over well with the actor, and he made sure to let her know. After all, Chris and Octavia did star together in not one but two films (2013’s Snowpiercer and 2017’s Gifted), so we kind of see his point. Take a look at their hilarious interaction below.

It all started with Chris thanking everyone for their “kind birthday wishes.”

— Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) June 13, 2018

Octavia then congratulated her former costar, writing, “Happy birthday.” No big deal, right?

— octavia spencer (@octaviaspencer) June 13, 2018


— Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) June 14, 2018

Octavia then tried to explain the situation to Chris.

— octavia spencer (@octaviaspencer) June 14, 2018

Chris, being the gentleman that he is, let it slide.

— Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) June 14, 2018

However, it was already too late.

— octavia spencer (@octaviaspencer) June 15, 2018

And, of course, their conversation didn’t go unnoticed.

— Scott Evans (@thescottevans) June 15, 2018

Hey, Octavia and Chris are both currently single. Just sayin’.

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