Chrissy Teigen’s Body Is in ‘Fast & Furious 3,’ But Her Head Was Cut Out

Chrissy Teigen revealed this week that she had a role in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, but her head was cut out of the movie!

The 2006 film was the third movie in the franchise and Chrissy was picked out of 200 people to be “girl getting out of car.” While her body made the cut, her head was cropped out.

“My boobs are in fast and the furious Tokyo drift. I sat on the floor with 200 people in a parking garage in downtown la. They pulled me to be ‘girl getting out of car’ and the shot ended up cutting off at my face as they panned up my body. Lmao,” Chrissy tweeted.

She added, “can someone find it? I dont wanna have to watch it but its a parking garage scene and I believe the boobs are in a pink bra.”

Luckily, someone did find it!

Last week, Chrissy took to social media to post a rare thirst trap pic.

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