Christine Lampard’s ‘intense’ fear for teen stepdaughters: ‘Social media is not good’

Christine Lampard has opened up about her social media fears, which she believes are the biggest threat to the happiness of her two teenage step-daughters.

The Lorraine host is co-parent to Luna, 16, and Isla, 14, who are Frank’s children from his previous relationship with Elen Rivas, and admits she struggles to know how to protect them from online dangers.

Speaking exclusively to OK!, she said: “I love the fact I’ll find an old photograph from when I was at school and I think, ‘Oh my goodness, look at that’ and there’s one image, everything else is in your brain, whereas their entire lives are catalogued and it’s there for all to see, always.

"Then there’s the pressure – TikTok is their thing and it’s really influential – whether it’s a body image thing or whatever. I just think when you live your life through a lens in that way it’s just not a good thing. I think it’s very intense for a teenager.

“It’s very difficult to control it when they have their own devices. Parents have a tough job now and teenagers have a tough job living normal lives. I wonder if it will all implode at one point, but I’m very grateful I’m not growing up in it.”

Understandably, Christine, who is currently standing on for Lorraine Kelly on ITV’s Lorraine for the summer, says her anxieties have increased significantly since becoming a mother and were ignited during pregnancy. She and Frank are also parents to their two children, Patricia, three, and Freddie, 16, months.

“I just worry about everything – the other day my little girl had a mark on her back and I’m straight away pressing it to see if it disappears,” she says. “I’ve got thermometers dotted all over the house. I loved being pregnant but I was stressed terribly going for scans – ‘What if they find something?’ I didn’t relax the entire time.”

On how she takes care of her own mental health, Christine adds that it's all about “living in the moment”, while Frank, 44, is a meticulous planner.

She said: “If I go out for dinner, I’m not sitting there looking at my phone all night. I try my best to enjoy the moment rather than looking ahead.

"If it wasn’t for Frank nothing in our house would ever happen – he is very good at planning, but his life has always been that way. He knows now what he’s doing on the 14th December because of football, whereas I don’t. It’s a nice balance.”


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