Corrie star Jamie Kenna opens up on ‘hardest time of year’

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Jamie Kenna, 48, first joined the famed soap opera just last year but has already made headway in using his growing platform for good. He took to Instagram on Christmas Eve, encouraging others to reach out and let go of the fear they could be ruining someone else’s holiday season with their mental health woes.

Speaking directly to the camera, Jamie posed just to the side of a decorated Christmas tree for a sincere message to his thousands of Instagram followers.

He started by wishing all the “beautiful people” a Merry Christmas and noted that something was on his mind as he went to work.

Jamie said: “I love Christmas, it is my favourite time of year.

“I’ve got two little kids and I can live vicariously through them and the whole Santa Claus thing and that, it’s brilliant.

“But also, I’ve had my dark times as well, I know how that feels and when you’re in one of those dark spots or you know people in those dark spots.”

He declared: “Christmas can be horrible. It can really rub salt into the wound.

“You’re supposed to be feeling festive and full of love and all you want to do is hide under your duvet.”

Sympathising with others who feel this way, Jamie announced he is “reaching out” to them or those who may know someone that feels like this.

He advised: “Don’t feel like you’re going to kill someone’s Christmas buzz by talking about it.

“Don’t be alone. Now is the time to reach out.

“This is the hardest time of year because you feel very lonely and isolated and you’re going to be the Grinch, but you’re not.” 

He explained this time of year is “all about wrapping yourselves around people you love and care for” and promised “you won’t regret” talking about it.

He also added some advice for those who may not feel this way themselves but know someone who does. 

The actor said: “Just be aware of that, be aware of those around you. If you know someone who feels that way reach out, please reach out and say something.”

Jamie concluded: “I’m just sending out love to those of you that are thinking that way or feeling that way.

“Have a very merry Christmas, enjoy yourself, stay safe, see you all on the other side.”

Fans flocked to the comment section to wish the star a Merry Christmas and thanked him for speaking out on the sensitive topic.

Others applauded him for reaching out, calling him a “kind, caring, thoughtful man”.

While Jamie has since left Coronation Street, the star is now appearing in the new series of His Dark Materials and has starred in his first Christmas film this year, Christmas Carole.

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